Kaikoura – Marine and Mountains

whale at Kaikoura

Kaikoura is world famous for its whales and other marine life, which you can view close up.

From the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the snowy peaks of the Kaikoura Ranges. Sperm whales, dolphins, seals and other marine life are all accessible in a day-tour to Kaikoura – a mecca for wildlife enthusiasts. Kaikoura offers an outstanding choice of eco-tourism activities including the world renowned Whale Watch Kaikoura. You can swim with dolphins and seals in their natural habitat or enjoy Marine-Mammal watching from a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

Nestled into the towering seaward Kaikoura Mountains, Kaikoura is a significant place in Maori legend and history. Translated into English, Kaikoura means “To eat crayfish (NZ rock lobster)” and you will have the opportunity to indulge yourself here. We can arrange a complete itinerary to suit your preferences including a delicious seafood lunch. We also offer transfers northwards from Kaikoura to the Picton Ferry for a crossing over Cook Strait to Wellington City.

You may like to include a one-way journey on the Coastal Pacific train as part of this tour. The train journey offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Canterbury farmland, Waipara wine region and rugged mountain ranges. Kaikoura can be a day-tour from Christchurch or a two-day experience from either Christchurch, Picton or Nelson if you would like more time to explore this amazing region.